The other day a friend of mine finally managed to get me out of the bed/sofa (depending on how I feel and what I feel like watching) on Sunday morning and take me out for a walk. She had been trying for a while claiming it was a good way to recharge the batteries ahead of a busy working week.

First I was told we were going to the seaside. I mean it’s not like it was a sunny summer day with 25°C or anything alike that would make you want to go to the beach but it was dry and only mildly windy so it was ok to go for a walk I suppose. Besides I’ve always loved the sea. The smell of salty water, the sound of the waves crashing into rocks and how easily I could surf away along with my thoughts to the middle of the ocean knowing there would be no one around to share them with. Maybe then I would have the courage to drawn my biggest problems like a 19th century gangster. But we went to a forest instead.

When I finally got out the car and walked out of the car park into the woods I was suddenly hit with a lovely pure energy and feeling of freedom. I didn’t know what to do so I sprinted between the woods like I had not done in quite sometime chased by my friends dog which was struggling to keep up despite having an extra pair of thighs and being way more used to running around for no reason than me. I felt like a kid again – not the moaning cry baby that didn’t want to leave the car – the energetic, free and adventurous kid that I once was. Ready to explore, unafraid of getting lost or getting hurt.


After walking around for about 30 minutes I stopped in front of this relatively big tree contemplating how old and yet full of life it was. So many questions: How was it that it had gotten there in the first place? How many storms would it have weathered? How many branches would it have lost and just kept moving and growing? And…. ”When was the last time you climbed up a tree?”

I had a look at the thick branches and realised I used to climb up trees like that all the time in my childhood. I jumped and grabbed on tight cautious of the rusty technique only to be surprised by my upper body strength. Once I was on there was no stopping me. The higher I got the higher I wanted to go. Than it hit me that this is how I wanted, should and liked to live my life.

I would be lying if I said this trip recharged me because I had a nap afterwards. But it made me realise how I have been playing too safe and how I became scared of getting lost and/or hurt. Climbing up that tree made me realise that my goal is set – reach higher – my technique may be rusty but I’m stronger than ever. And just like that tree I too can weather storms, lose branches and keep moving on. Because I am just as full of life.

So next time you find yourself in front of a tree maybe try climbing it.

— Coffee

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