Pull up a chair!..

We are Coffee and Peach, two twenty-somethings who have ‘recently’ graduated. Coffee now lives in Northern Ireland and has moved away to pursue a career in his chosen field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I, myself, moved back home to my small town in the East of England with no idea or intention of finding a job in the field I had studied for.

There are plenty of  blogs and books out there to bombard you with tips on flying the nest when it comes to going to uni. What we’ve  come to realise is that although there is an abundance of tips ranging from how to cook a full Sunday roast with a George Foreman grill to how to scrimp and save on electricity bills ( i.e living by candlelight) – there is very little to ease you into the agonizing pit of self-depreciation which is ‘real’ adult life.

Having graduated just over a year ago now, my friend and I have both taken different paths on the journey to adulthood and have experienced similar situations and contemplations. It seems as though there is a universal confusion as to how one should act once they have graduated and of course this depends on your luck  (or networking skills) when finding a job.

Throughout this blog we will take you through the highs and lows of the average self-doubting twenty-something and englighten you with the childish ways in which we have chosen to deal with them.

Welcome to the minds of Coffee and Peach  – enjoy your stay.